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You have the power of choice. It changes EVERYTHING.

You have the power of choice. It changes EVERYTHING.

Should Have. Could Have. Might Have.

Recently I got back to spin class after a three-week hiatus.  

spin class, choice, choicesI had a few good reasonsmy chronic back pain acted up againAnd then there was the COVID re-masking at the gym. But I confess that at times, I simply just didn’t feel like going.  

Can you relate?

Then, in mid-spin, I had an epiphany: “I NEED to be doing this more!” It was that familiar tough love, high achiever voice that has been pushing me so hard all my life.  

In that moment, I realized that I’ve done a good job of reigning that voice in for my professional life, but I haven’t always been as aware to do the same in other areas of my life.  

I had become very good at responding to that voice and letting it know that I am doing everything I want and love to do.  I choose my relaxation time and balance things instead of constantly working, thinking about work, and doing more 

Isn’t it funny that once I told that voice to relax in the professional world, it found another reason and area to speak up and tell me I NEED to exercise more, I NEED to eat better, I SHOULD eat less, I SHOULDN’T need rest right now! 

Perhaps if I hadn’t had a client session earlier that day – when I had just given her the same advice about work that has helped me- I may not have paid attention to the fact that the voice decided to speak loudly to me while I was in spin class! 

Wanting verses Needing: What’s the Difference? 

choice, refuseWe tell ourselves we NEED to do something, we MUST, SHOULD, or HAVE to. 

We’ve all been there. 

It is dreadful, and forced. It’s kicking and screaming all the way there.  

Nobody likes to be told we HAVE to do something. It doesn’t feel very good and isn’t all that productive when we have conversations like that with other people, so why do we think it’s ok to do that with and to ourselves? 

That’s our brain trying to do what it’s always doneIt really believes that it is working in our best interests, keeping us safe and alive. 

However, when it comes time to doing what our brains tell us, we are resistant and reluctantIt feels painful and awful. We don’t want to do it – and many times we just don’t do it 

But thenwhen we don’t do it, we feel like crapWe become even harder on ourselves about all the things we aren’t doing well enough, and the cycle just continuesusually even worse than before 

Truth isthat we don’t NEED to do anything. At all. EVER. 

If we make the choice to do it, we choose it and all that comes with it. If we make the choice NOT to do it, we just don’t, and all that comes from that choice 

When we remind ourselves that we can choose, it changes everything. 

We can choose because we WANT to. I don’t need to record a podcast, want to record a podcast because I want to bring value to others’ lives. I’ve made a commitment to myself that at the end of the year I want to see a year’s worth of podcasts and know that my experiences, successes, and failures may help others in their journey 

Whether I choose to attend spin class or complete my podcastI want to do it and be proud of myself for living up to the commitment I made to myselfIt feels a lot better than beating myself up for not doing it! 

Do you Want to or Do you Have to? 

Do you want to…


  • tackle the project you’ve been procrastinating?  
  • delegate tasks so you can be the visionary of your company? 
  • make the tough decisions for what it means on the other side?  


  • you’ve been telling yourself you HAVE TO or because others are pressuring you to do so 
  • you think that making yourself feel bad or beating yourself up for it will make you more likely to do it 

Nobody can MAKE you do anything – and that includes your tough love self! If you force yourself to do it, you will be creating resistance to it all the way – and probably won’t do it very well. 

Make the CHOICE to do it because:

  • you want it, because the value of what’s on the other side of it is what you really want. Even if you don’t necessarily like the actual activity that much, you will value doing it and doing it well because you’re all in.  
  • you show up ready, willing, and fully inspired and motivated. When you do that, you have a chance of it being enjoyable, worthwhile, and interesting.  

You already have everything that you NEED. You don’t need anything else in your life. 

Once you have everything you need to survive, everything else is truly a choice, truly a WANT. 

Once you prove to yourself that you can choose anything you want, you can continue adding to the list of wants and choose whatever you like.  

Choose Because You Want To 

We choose because we want to.  

Anything other than that is just a lie we tell ourselves, a lie that: 

  • holds us back in life 
  • keeps us inside our comfort zone so we don’t push ourselves 
  • we think keeps us from something painful to uslike being embarrassed, humiliated or wrong about ourselves 
  • our brain tells us to keep from feeling any of those things 
  • our brain thinks it has succeeded and done its job for us. Thats a lie too.  

Growing ourselves in any way means feeling painful things, among other feelings we’d often rather not experience 

Growth means getting outside of our comfort zone. 

These uncomfortable feelings don’t hurt us. They are what push us and make us learn to become stronger. 

If you’ve been helped by reading this, you probably know someone else who could benefit from hearing this message today  so pass it along! 

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