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What Leadership and Healthy Living Have in Common

What Leadership and Healthy Living Have in Common

Corrinne Crabtree, LeadershipIn a recent podcast, I was beyond excited to chat with Corinne Crabtree, the wildly successful entrepreneur behind the No BS Weight Loss Program.

Being overweight was once a part of Corinne’s life: 

“Being the fat girl was all I knew, and I assumed I’d stay that way forever.” 

But Corinne didn’t stay that way. She lost the weight, kept it off, and became a hugely successful businesswoman. 

Her inspiring story will motivate anyone who has given up on weight loss. Her business skills were gleaned by working it through herself. Now at a healthy weight and enjoying a healthy business, Corinne shares her inspiring success story. 

A Life Changing Experience Sets the Stage for Success 

Corinne admits enduring weight struggles all her life. It wasn’t until her 20’s that her weight loss journey began. 

Many who are overweight have experienced the same emotions Corinne did: 

  • Feeling like a failure 
  • Desperate to get the weight off 
  • Feeling judged for eating too much – or even for eating at all 

But then one experience in Corinne’s life changed her – and set her on a weight loss path. Everything changed for her when she became a mom. 


  • Didn’t want to pass on the obesity legacy to her son 
  • Didn’t want him to suffer the same worries she had about food 
  • DID want her son to have a healthy relationship with food 

And she made a Golden Rule for herself that she still follows today: 

“Never do anything I wasn’t willing to keep doing the rest of my life.” 

It took Corinne 540 days to lose 100 lbs. And it’s been over a decade since she lost the weight. 

Today, her mission is to make sure others have what they need to change their lives. 

The Birth of an Amazingly Successful Business 

In 2007, Corinne Crabtree started her No BS Weight Loss Program. She is founder of the No BS Weight Loss Program/Phit-n-Phatt. 

For Corinne, it was a simple decision: Help other women experience the same success at weight loss. 

She learned about emotional overeating and managing her mind about eating through exposure to The Life Coach School. It was then that she decided to make it a business verses a charity of helping others. 

For two years, Corinne was a solopreneur. Now she has a 20-person team. 

She admits having to grow in new areas. Already great at motivating, speaking, and coaching others, she had to learn marketing and finance.  

Growing the business meant making a list of all the things she needed to learn – and how to do-and knock them each out one at a time. 

Determination is part of her nature: whatever she starts, she finishes. Her interview process is called “The Gauntlet” because she knows the commitment everyone is making. So, while it is exhausting, it is worth it.  

She gleaned her business skills by doing the job until gaining competency in the skillset. It was only then that she hired and delegated to those who can do it even better. 

Leaders, Learn to Put Yourself First 

Corinne has some crucial advice for leaders who put themselves and their care last. 

Put yourself FIRST and practice self-care…even when you don’t want to. 

Corinne feels strongly that health and fitness makes one a better leader and she makes both a top priority: drinking water, eating right, getting enough sleep to keep energy levels high. 

“The things I do for myself make me a better leader and help the business grow.” 

You can’t slide yourself towards burnout, because then you can’t grow, you can’t sustain it.  

“Your brain, your passion, your vision is the one thing that you can’t duplicate or buy on the street. So, take care of that.” 

Let others bring the technical skills – you bring the vision to your company because nobody else can. 

In Leadership, Don’t Stagnate: Always Change. Communicate. 

The value you bring to your business should be morphing and changing as you grow. Otherwise, your business stagnates and becomes stale. 

For Corinne, being an awesome example to her team is the best possible example of leadership: she sets the tone for the culture of her company. She is empowered with regards to decision making and self-development. Health is top priority over everything. 

Her leadership is shown by being an example of NO BS Weight Loss every day. Setting the culture of a company starts from the top down – so be the first line and set the example. 

Communication with her team is vital. Everyone knows where they are going and what they are doing. Everyone is on the same page, since staying connected is valuable to maintain the culture of the company.  

Leadership doesn’t need to attend every dept. meeting, but enough of the right things to keep the pulse on things. 

Love What You Do, in Leadership & Life! 

Corinne loves what she does. It’s her passion and emotion that have combined to make her so successful. 

Being authentic to who you are is how you can be unique. 

Some leaders can handle that – but some can’t. 

Corinne admits to once being a people pleaser, worrying about what others thought about her.  

Not anymore.  

“The day you just start deciding to go all-in on who you are, it’s so much easier and you don’t ever want to go back. I don’t change how I live my life because of what someone says.” 

And advice? 

If she could give advice to her past self, she’d admit that she never had one good thing happen to her because of her worry compulsion.  

“It all works out so much better than you think,” says Corinne. “Learning how to shut down the worry and distinguishing for myself when I’m spending time in useless energy is the key.” 

And that’s something we should all be reminded of.  

Leadership Can Learn From ALL Areas of Life 

Corinne admits that growing her business has been the most challenging thing she’s ever done.  

“Being a mom and having a business has been like having another child.” 

For Corinne, weight loss solidified growing her business. It made her stronger.  

Her words of advice for others? 

self care, leadershipPut yourself on the calendar. It sounds simple, but it’s hard to execute. Just do it.  

Stop hoping to get to yourself. Those days never come; you will always fill up your week. Plan the personal important things – working out, date night, family dinner nights – and then the rest.  

Finish when you say you will and live up to these appointments. Structure and routine are critical- do it even when you don’t want to.  

And don’t complicate self-care:  

  • Choose something that isn’t work, something you can enjoy. Allow yourself not to feel guilty about it.  
  • Tell yourself: I planned it, I learned and I’m learning to enjoy it! 

Everyone can follow Corinne’s podcast to create more health and self-priority in their lives to balance business and health. 

And checkout, for women who want to learn more about Corinne’s life-changing program.  

For advanced coach certification, see: 

And we’re always here at Strive Coaching Studio to assist you with your business – and make it the best it can be! 

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