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This is How I Make Key Business (and Life) Decisions

This is How I Make Key Business (and Life) Decisions

It’s a bittersweet time for me…After recently leaving the company I founded over 13 years ago, I established Strive Coaching Studio – it’s the ending of an era and a new beginning all in one.

First, a little background on the company I founded

I started the company from practically nothing, in the middle of the 2007 recession, with just 2 employees – myself and one other person. There were ups and downs, victories and failures, and a lot of uncertainty. Times were tough.

Talk about humble beginnings.

Despite this, we grew and were able to enjoy success and strong profits. And best of all, we loved what we did!

My husband became an integral part of the company as it grew to over 50 employees with annual revenues of over $85 million. Eventually we were acquired by the largest publicly traded company in our industry, who loved our team, the culture, and everything we accomplished.

We didn’t make big decisions quickly or rashly. The successful ones did not come from a place of urgency or need. Each decision required extensive thought and consideration of all the possibilities, weighing them fairly – and the needs of myself and of the others involved – as well as the planning that was necessary to do it properly.

And at Strive Coaching Studio, I can help you make those important, pivotal decisions too.

“Unsuccessful people make decisions based on their current situation; successful people make decisions based on where they want to be.”


Making Decisions: Connecting the Heart & Brain

The best decisions we make will be the ones that we make with thoughtfulness, giving care to ourselves and the others involved.

If we feel the need to run from something, run toward something or escape a situation based on how we feel or think we will feel differently, we are fooling ourselves, likely telling lies to ourselves and that will always catch up with us.

Situations, people, jobs and meetings are not the cause our emotions. Our thoughts about them create our emotions. As a result, when we run from this or to that, our emotions go with us. Learn to make your decisions slowly, use your power to adjust your thoughts and emotions first… and once you have them in check, make choices and decisions from there.

How did I make my successful decisions?

…From considering my priorities, my truth, and my authentic quest for growth, learning, improving and evolving.

I take the time to know what I want to accomplish and why, creating goals and plans to fulfill those purposes. It creates a connection between my heart and my brain.

When I take the time to consider it all, I feel a spark light a fire inside me that cannot be extinguished. But, when I am not in touch with my heart – my passion – I lose my focus and inspiration.

Go Within to Make Decisions Effectively

Get back in touch with your inner self. Have you paid attention to that part of you in a while?

Listen to yourself. Ask yourself the hard questions:

  1. What is your idea, your goal?
  2. Why do you want to achieve it? Are you in touch with your motivation?
  3. Do you tell yourself that you can do it…or do you talk yourself out of it with all the reasons that you can’t? Why?

Then ask yourself this question:


If you knew that either outcome would be right, and that you could be happy with either decision, which one would you choose?

That’s how you know.


When my husband and I made the decision to grow, we both knew that change was required.

We could not become what we had never been, without thinking things we had never thought.

Throwing away the old way of doing things, or old beliefs to get it done is a necessary part of growth.

Become what it takes to be the future self you want to be. Be willing to change for it. Be willing to let go of what no longer

serves you on your future path. You can appreciate it, honor it, be grateful for all it brought you… and still say goodbye to it. That’s what it takes to evolve.

Key Steps in Decision Making

In the years that it took for us to work toward our goals, my instinct was to develop and build the strongest team I could.

That meant building up each person individually.

We developed great training and even better managers, then built culture and cultivated operational improvement through team effort and effective communication. We nurtured true skill development for every single employee – in an effort to build them toward whomever they wanted to become. They overcame their obstacles, with our help and met their goals and improved in the areas that challenged them.

Caring for the others affected by the decision-making process helps clarify the decision making itself AND guides you to the decision that you ultimately make.

Either I would have an amazingly talented staff that I continue to lead… OR I would I have an amazingly talented staff that takes over for me following my departure. Neither decision is wrong. No one can lose either way.

Once I felt it was time to move on, I evaluated everything carefully.

I processed the emotions of the idea to test myself:

  • How will I feel when they are making the big decisions without me?
  • How will it feel to see them succeeding without my leadership?

I felt nothing but pride, knowing that I had done so much, knowing I had such fantastic people who brought so much to what they do and love each day. It gave me a sense of peace and calm.

Imagine yourself making the decision, feel the way you will feel and begin processing it well in advance. Take the time and space to allow for the adjustment of the changes you are considering. Grieve it – your past deserves that.

My decision-making process had always been a frequently discussed topic with my husband/business partner. He is extremely logical and brings so much value to the company and to our partnership, so I always listen to his feedback.

It’s ok to listen when others who care about you and know you have opinions and feedback. It’s ok to allow them to shape your ideas, influence your thoughts – they know you and love you.

Keep in mind: They also may have a vested interest in having you NOT change, so certainly weigh that as well.

Give Yourself the Gift of Envisioning the Life You Want

Each day we make choices that affect our lives and shape our paths. These decisions lead us to the next step and give us the opportunity to grow and evolve. Time is our most valuable commodity, and my hope for all of us is that we spend it pursuing and creating a life that is meaningful and fulfilling.

Some people may be confused by your decisions, especially when they lead to change. They may ask, why, when you are happy and things are going great, would you change? Why would you walk away from great things like a salaried job, benefits, security, good friends, etc.?

Don’t let comfortability or the disapproval of others keep you from pursuing what is right.

Leaving, ending, changing anything from a place of confidence, strength, calm, thoughtfulness, respect, love and care honors it and each of those involved.

When we decide from a place of reverence, we honor the past for what it was and prepare ourselves for the journey ahead. We get to take our experience with us to our next step and use all we’ve learned for bettering ourselves along the way. It’s difficult to forge a new path – but moving on with positivity and perspective is the best way forward.

Have an important decision to make? Try these simple strategies:

  • Don’t rush and don’t run. Urgency, need and emotions are never a reason to make a decision.
  • Listen to yourself: Ask the hard questions, answer honestly and like your reasoning. Own your decisions and make sure they are in line with your values and priorities, so you will be proud of them. Your litmus test – if either choice will make you happy, which one would you choose?
  • Be willing to change to grow. You can’t get somewhere you’ve never been, driving on the same roads you’ve always driven.
  • Care for the others involved in the decision-making process. This serves both the decision making process AND the ultimate decision in the end. Either way, you can’t go wrong. Give it your best and show up with all you have to offer.
  • Imagine the decision ahead of time and give it proper space. Change brings many experiences with it and that is ok.
  • It’s ok to listen to other opinions and allow them to shape your decisions.
  • Choose the life you want because you want it – it requires no explanation, defense or justification.
  • Decision making that comes from your best self means you get to bring your best self with you. It honors the past and the relationships you had in it. It also paves the way of the future paths ahead for you- whichever path you choose or decision you make.

My true passion is to support and help others see their greatest potential. I want to help you figure out for yourself what your best path can be and bring your ideas and goals into reality.

That is the purpose, mission and drive of Strive Coaching Studio.

“You are only one decision from a totally different life.”


Ready to step into the best version of yourself?

Let’s chat about your visions & goals.

Reach out to me here.

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