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Your Performance Motivator™ is Structure Wiz™!

As a Structure Wiz™…

  • You are a rock solid and reliable member of the Team and everyone knows what to expect from you. 
  • You are dependable and produce high quality work. 
  • Your job is very important to you and you bring your best value in everything you do. 
  • You appreciate the steady security that your position offers you and prefer to take minimal risks to rock that boat. 
  • You are also very clear on your boundaries and how you want to live your life from a balanced standpoint. 
  • You give yourself fully at work and at home. So, when you leave the office, you don’t take work home with you and have no interest in making yourself available by phone, text or email after hours as this leaks into the priorities of your personal life. If asked to do anything outside of the norm, you are a willing team player, but it is not your norm and is not how you want to operate on a regular basis (never placing your job at risk). 
  • You want to be recognized for what you bring and are very proud of the quality of work you produce, and it is important to you that others see that too. However, it isn’t for the purpose of climbing, achieving, or proving anything to anyone, but for confirmation that all agree that the arrangement of contribution is working well for all. 
  • You are very satisfied with where you are and what you’ve accomplished but don’t want to put anything in jeopardy or at risk either. 
  • You are valued in your organization and do not seek change so long as the arrangement continues to serve everyone. 
  • You want to contribute for the purpose of serving your life in the best ways you can. While you are willing to learn, taking on new challenges and changing the ways you know and love are not necessarily a desire for you. You may see these as limiting your contribution or possibly risking the balance of professional and personal world that you seek to achieve.

This means that when all things are equal, you will always lean toward choosing the place that fills this Performance Motivator© for you. This likely also means that when you have this motivator met, you are loyal and, therefore, unlikely to be lured away easily (even when things start to become less equal or just different). When it comes down to it, if Company A will pay you a little bit more but is unclear about responsibilities and expectations, or will require outside the box hours or change, it’s not going to be the choice you make- when Company B is fulfilling what you care about most but possibly cannot pay quite as much. Your ‘WHY’ is based on job security, satisfaction, contributing, minimizing risk and change, and bringing high quality and reliable work and the structure of not allowing any bleeding of work into personal time… not a few extra bucks.



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Michelle Simms-Reiter, Founder and Owner of Strive Leadership Development built a company from nothing to a team of 54 people, creating an $85 million in revenue per year company. Even during the Great Recession, her home-building company built and sold 300 homes per year in their market.

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