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Leadership Development & Management Training

Professional Leadership Development Programs, Management Training & Coaching Solutions for Every Leader

Whoever said being a leader is supposed to feel like this?

Real life quotes from our clients -

“I know I need to do something about my health, but it’s the last thing I’m focused on right now.  I’m needed in so many other places.”

“I have goals, of course. But achieving them is another thing. Have no idea where to start.” 

“I can’t say no. I keep putting everything off. I haven’t been to the dentist in 3 years and I keep cancelling my appt thinking there will be a better time later.

Confidence. That’s a #1 area I wish I could develop more.”

I’m never there for them anymore. Even when I am at home or having dinner, I’m too distracted to be present in the moment.”

“This is not the path I want to continue living. When I started, I said that my #1 WHY – my reason for pursuing my career – was for my family, my kids, my loved ones…The irony is that they are the ones who suffer most.” 

Leadership Development & Coaching: What Can it do for you?

Being a great leader starts with you. The benefits ripple out to the entire organization. 

That’s why the decision to invest in Leadership Development is a smart organizational strategy with a far-reaching impact…

YOU: Gain the clarity you need to achieve your goals.
THE COMPANY: Through your leadership, organizational goals that have been stuck on paper for too long finally become a reality.
YOU: Learn to identify your blind spots so you can better navigate obstacles to success.
THE COMPANY: Discover and develop potential talent with greater ease – often right within the organization – that might have gone overlooked.  
YOU: Gain higher levels of confidence to be seen & heard.
THE COMPANY: Others are inspired to bring their real selves into the workplace too, where they feel valued and welcome (and we all know the benefits of that!).

Whatever your industry, Strive’s Leadership Development program is guaranteed to amp up your leadership game.

Did you know? For every $1 invested in executive coaching, companies surveyed received an average return of $7.90. (MetrixGlobal LLC)

“More than 50% of senior leaders believe that their talent development efforts don’t adequately build critical skills and organizational capabilities.” -HBR

Strive is here to change that, through powerful leadership development training designed to help participants build the skills they need to navigate an increasingly unpredictable, volatile corporate world.

What Are the Benefits of Strive's Leadership Coaching?

The Leadership at Your Organization Might Need an Overhaul...

And maybe you didn’t even realize it… Ouch.
But there are always signs to look out for. Signs like these:


Plummeting Productivity

Productivity is usually elusive when employee morale is nil and your team just isn't engaged.

A Revolving Door

Far from being a workplace that values all members, your office feels more like a revolving door...

Falling Short...

Sales are lagging, customer service is lacking, and key metrics are falling short of expectations.

Gain a competitive edge for the future by investing in Strive Leadership Development TODAY... 

The Coaching Impact

Executive coaching has proven, lasting benefits – to the individual and to the organization. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) found a:


boost to individual performance
0 %
advancement in team performance
0 %
improvement in organizational performance
0 %

Management Development and Training Starts Here and it Starts With YOU!

We Offer Leadership Development Training & Coaching for Management Teams
Leadership Training Programs in a Flexible Range of Options…because the path to impactful leadership starts with the individual:

Leadership Development Program

Most popular! A certification program, with access to our entire training library, live events, and monthly focus topics.

Click here to learn more.

Personal 1-1 Coaching Solutions

Private, one-on-one professional coaching for executive leaders.

Click here to join our waitlist!

"If you are serious about your personal and professional growth, and you want to be successful, it's important to take on this challenge. Be intentional and open-minded with it." -Jon

Get the facts.
Consider your options.
Make a wise decision.

Get the facts.
Consider your options.
Make a wise decision.

Strive’s Leadership Training Programs Help Train Managers into FIERCE Leaders

A Personal Message from Michelle...

Many of the clients who first come to Strive feel stuck. Frustrated. Overwhelmed. Or maybe all of the above.

I get it. Because I’ve been there myself.

When it came time to selling my company, I had a profound realization:

I was holding myself and my company back with my own limiting beliefs.

Looking back, I would never have been able to grow into the person who ultimately sold a successful company to a national home builder had I not chose to change and evolve myself.

The decision to make a change – to become an active participant in your own evolution – is not always easy. Neither is the path that lies ahead…

Whether it’s at the individual or organizational level (the two are closely linked), “the way it’s always been done” might have served well for a time. 

But it also limits you – and ultimately, the organization – from getting to where you really want to go. 

More than ever before, organizations and the individuals who power them must be agile enough to embrace BOLD change. 

That is, if you want to stay competitive and at the top of your game

Isn’t that what you want? 


What Do Our Clients Say? 


"Through the Master the Model Course, I've become more aware of how my thoughts influence the outcomes. I worked on trying to control my thoughts, which fuel my actions and results. Changing your mindset a little bit is amazing, what it will do to your positivity and outlook on certain items is incredible! It lends you to being more successful going through that process."
- Jon
Entitlements Manager
"As a coach and mentor, Michelle will forever have a positive impact on my approach to leadership. Her thoughtful, focused, and insightful perspective to leadership comes from a long career of building and leading successful teams."
- Danielle Mahon
Founder & CEO, Topsail Steamer
"Strive's Time Management Course has been my favorite so far, because that's something I'm proficient at; I like to plan, I like to schedule. It was a big game changer for me! I started making so much more progress once I started Time Management, and I would highly recommend you start with that course."
- Trey
Area Construction Manager
"Some of the nuggets that I would take away from each one of the calls have allowed me to process things a little different or think about situations from a different perspective. For example, we recently talked about positive thoughts versus the negative thoughts. Don't allow the negative thoughts to be the controlling factor of the week. And your body language, the way you carry yourself is also going to be a reflection of how your team sees you and how they're going to to carry themselves throughout the week."
- Sean
VP of City Ops

Fearless, FIERCE Leadership Starts with Strive.

Strive, Your No-Nonsense Partner in Leadership Development.

Let Us Show You How To:
  • Banish the burnout (& health issues) that stifle performance, by implementing smart prevention strategies.
  • Prioritize what really matters, to stay focused & tackle distractions to achieve a better work-life balance.
  • Gain confidence to make informed, values-based leadership decisions – even in challenging circumstances.
  • Improve workplace relationships to cultivate high-performing teams that get impressive results.
  • Promote the company’s high standards and lead the achievement of short- and long-term strategic goals.
  • Bring your best self to work each day to inspire others – isn’t that what impactful leadership is all about? 

Strive is a Different Sort of Leadership Development Company.

For us, it’s personal.

Strive was founded by a successful entrepreneur and award-winning Leader in the housing industry, Michelle Simms-Reiter. From humble beginnings during the Great Recession, her company skyrocketed from $0 to $85M in revenues – in just a decade. 

With Michelle’s unparalleled experience and longstanding reputation, no one is better equipped to provide you with the proven strategies, professional know-how, and educational tools to help you become a more impactful leader that others look up to with confidence.

Strive’s exclusive leadership training & development programs are the first choice among leaders who want to stand out from the crowd.

We’re here for the long haul: once certified, participants get indefinite access to their course dashboard, their alumni community and monthly Certified Alumni calls for ongoing support.

The result? You get to dust off that leadership vision you’ve had for ages & make it a living reality. No more excuses.