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Performance Motivators©

Learn about the 6 Performance Motivators and how Emotional Leadership© and It’s Never About The Money© concepts can completely change the way you view your team!

The 6 Performance Motivators

 Your team members all function differently, that’s okay!
There are NO wrong motivators.

Performance Motivators

The Impact Player

  • Is a clear leader with a strong desire to bring that value to be a part of the strategy and direction of the company. Because of the need to be recognized, they put themselves in positions to bring high quality data and value to impact success. 
  • Works hard and isn’t afraid of putting in long hours to meet any demands that the company may determine as necessary for the success of business plan and goals.
  • Is a dedicated and servant style leader who proves their value repeatedly. This brings great success along the way and is their style and approach in business. 
  • Creates habits that serve them well to gain success and meet their goals. Others likely see them as a role model/leader/mentor/teacher. Each of these serving them and the company well.


Their ‘WHY’ for getting up each morning is to bring extra value to the company with a return of recognition.

The Success Seeker

  • Has energy and drive which are seen and valued within their organization and their desire to learn and grow are appreciated by those around them.
  • Brings a great deal to the table each time they’re called upon and intentionally place themselves into positions where they can show their abilities whenever possible. 
  • Learns from others and allows others to teach and show them. It is their admirable quality and willingness to make themselves available and work hard that brings them great success in their lives and career paths. 
  • Are Goal-oriented and driven toward crossing finish lines, each of these qualities being highly desired by most employers and are the ingredients toward great success in anything they do.


Their ‘WHY’ for getting up each morning is to learn, grow, advance and develop within the company.

The Change Champion

  • Has a passion and drive which is focused on the greater good and the bigger picture. 
  • Is motivated by the idea that standing up for something bigger than themselves should be ingrained in the culture of their lives, as well as the places and people they choose to work.
  • Has an energy and perspective that others appreciate and want to get behind in their missions and causes. 
  • Brings a sense of community to the group through passion and drive. This adds a richness to organizations and helps to shape their culture.


Their ‘WHY’ for getting up each morning is to stand behind a mission or passion for something greater. 

The Boundary Balancer

  • Enjoys working and bringing value/impact to a place where it is appreciated and needed.
  • Thrives when surrounded by people and places that are interesting and add a richness to their lives. 
  • Are very fulfilled having the responsibilities of a job with a good company.
  • Know that while their career is very essential to them in this season of life, it is not their top priority. The obligations they have outside of work are far greater than those they have at work, either because of personal circumstances or choices they made. This necessity of balance is critical. 
  • When a company has someone like the Boundary Balancer, they  appreciate what they bring to the table and are very happy to accommodate their other personal needs outside of work. The benefits they bring far outweigh the accommodations that need to be made by having them on the team. 

Their ‘WHY’ for getting up each morning is that their company finds accommodations for their personal priority needs. 

The Tribe Thinker

  • Your work and life are one in the same, in many respects. 
  • Choosing the company where you work is equivalent to choosing your friends, your extended family, your social world in many ways. 
  • Working with people you enjoy is a big driver for you and because of that, you work hard to ensure that stays intact for yourself and to attract and create that culture for others. Others appreciate you for creating this culture of belonging and acceptance and it permeates through the organization. 
  • You are motivated by belonging and ensuring others feel as though they belong too. Performing in a way that risks that which has been created is a huge driver of performance and success for you. 
  • Provides a critical element that many companies seek to create, and value when they have it.


Their ‘WHY’ for getting up each morning is that their company has an accepting and welcoming family style culture.

The Structure Wiz

  • Is are a rock solid and reliable member of the Team, who is dependable and produces high quality work. Their job is very important to them, so they bring the best value in everything they do. 
  • Has very clear on your boundaries on how they want to live their lives from a balance standpoint. They give themselves fully at work and at home. When they leave the office, they don’t take work home with them, and have no interest in making themselves available by phone, text or email after hours as this leaks into personal life priorities. 
  • Is a team player if asked to do anything outside of the norm, but this is not how they want to operate on a regular basis. 
  • Wants recognition for what they bring and are very proud of the quality of work produced. It is important that others see that, yet, it is not for the aim of climbing, attaining, or proving anything to anyone, but rather to certify that everyone agrees that the contribution system works effectively for everyone.
  • Is valued in their organization and does not seek change so long as the arrangement is continuing to serve everyone. They want to contribute for the purpose of serving their lives in the best ways possible. 
  • Is willing to learn, but taking on new challenges and changing the ways they know and love are not a desire for them. They may see these as limiting their contributions or possibly risking the balance of professional and personal world that they seek.


Their ‘WHY’ for getting up each morning is based on contributing, bringing high quality and reliable work and the structure of not allowing any bleeding of work into personal time.

Let's dive into these concepts of
"It's never about the money©" & "Emotional Leadership©"

Emotional Leadership© is a process that leaders use to influence their followers to pursue a common goal.

We all tend to motivate others the way we prefer to be motivated. While this may work for some, you may be missing out on how to maximize the efforts as a leader of 5 out of 6 of your team members.

Will they all quit? Maybe, maybe not.

But why not take a look at what you’re leaving on the table, which may take those 5 people from mediocre hires to motivated, solidly committed team members who will walk to the ends of the earth to reach a goal, complete a project or solve a problem? 

You don’t HAVE to change anything… but if you DID implement this tool- what could it gain you? And if this is a tool that your competition doesn’t know exists, it is a secret weapon that you can use to outperform all of them.

Where do the Performance motivators come in?

You may be thinking that you only want to have others who are motivated by the same things you are on your team, and that’s ok if that’s what you decide. Many people only hire people just like them for that reason- it’s natural to do that.

But what are you leaving on the table with that decision?

There are highly talented individuals you could be excluding from your team who might just be the exact lead generator, revenue producer, organizer and supporter that you need to be able to get where you want to go as a leader, as a business and in life.

Key concerns for leadership in today's workplace

does any of this sound familiar?


More time...

There’s never enough time in a day to get ALL the work done.  On top of the projects you’re assigned, there’s a revolving door of new employees who need to be trained by you. It’s exhausting and you’re over it. Why won’t anyone stay?


Higher Profitability...

The average cost of hiring employees is sky-rocketing…. Hiring a new employee involves multiple resources, from recruiting, to interviewing, to onboarding and training. The best way to reduce the cost of hiring an employee is to improve employee retention and keep turnover low.


Improved Status...

You’re losing your top talent to your competitors. If they are doing something you aren’t, your team members will be drawn to them. They will have no loyalty and move on, keeping your company from moving upwards and onwards. 


Constant Worry...

You’re always concerned about who is quietly quitting in their mind, considering moving on… You’re waiting for the other shoe to drop, because there’s no loyalty from your team.  Poorly trained employees bring risk through reduced quality, poor service and mistakes.

Here's How Working With Strive Can Help Your Company.

Better retention = more time for you!

Attracting and retaining top talent allows your business to thrive. A low turnover rate starts saving money and time. You find that life becomes easier as you’re able to start shifting your focus on your actual job, rather than spending so much time constantly hiring and training new staff. 

Proactivity =
Saved $$$$.

You become proactive rather than reactive when someone says they are leaving so you are not faced with throwing more money at the problem in an attempt to fix it (which saves money).

Loyalty =
Status increase

Fewer people are seeking opportunities outside the company because they are satisfied where they are. This then allows you to create more loyal followers, be seen as a high quality asset to the organization and maximize your own value, creating more opportunities and greater satisfaction.

Greater Morale = Peace of Mind.

Higher morale, which leads to better quality work and job satisfaction,  and higher customer satisfaction scores. Problem solving improves along with collaboration, and the leaders create a smooth running machine that allows them to rank far above their competition.

wondering how you can get there?

Our Certification program can help.

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Our comprehensive program is built on the belief that practice toward new habits is vital – and it does not happen overnight. In fact, it won’t happen without support, accountability and a variety of tactics to help you live what you learn.

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