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Partnering With

Interested in partnering with Michelle? There may be a unique opportunity to do just that!

Michelle considers limited opportunities for consulting services focused on the organizational efficiencies of your business to save more money, make more money, and improve the bottom-line productivity of your business.

These may be arranged through equity stake in your business to align our efforts toward mutual benefits OR outright acquisition options.

Change Starts Here...

Do you have a small business or know someone who might be a good fit? Here are the details:

Scale and Growth

A successful business that has the potential for much more, with the support of more financial resources and some guidance toward scale and growth will create a huge impact.

Succession Plan

A profitable business that is ready for new leadership from within or outside of the current organization and the owner is ready to take a well-earned rest from all the hard work and dedication they have given over the years.

Non-Industry Specific

Industry DOES NOT MATTER- I love a great business in any industry so think outside the box!

Not Sure? Don't Hesitate

Not sure if the business qualifies in these categories? Shoot me an email outlining the circumstances and let’s see.

Decisions, decisions

Please connect with me directly to discuss your business needs to determine what might make the most sense to work together.

Meet Michelle Simms-Reiter

10 years. $85 million. In a decade, I built a company from nothing to a successful, $85 million enterprise that was eventually acquired by the largest publicly traded company in the industry.

Over the course of my career, I’ve earned many awards – the 40 under 40 Leadership Award, The Women in Business Award, and multiple other Association Leadership Awards.

It’s this real-world experience that I infuse into my unique coaching style.

Now, I’m honored to help you – I can guide you to achieve a sustainable business that not only gets the job done, but exceeds your expectations.

I teach business owners and leaders how to create and maintain a business that their employees love to work for – in a simple way that proves immediate ROI far better than any marketing expense line can ever match.

My program maximizes a tremendous amount of content into a simple, straightforward approach, while also respecting your time and schedule.

Ready to partner? Contact me to discuss more.


What Others Say:

Michelle gave me hope in my life as a women. Thanks for all you have done and will do in the future because I know you will never be far away.
"If there is one thing I have learned from Michelle over the years, it's how to adapt to change. Embrace the good, the bad and the ugly of it and make the best of it! And you will always come out on the other side, stronger!"