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Home » Mollie Elkman: A Champion for Women in the Building Industry

Mollie Elkman: A Champion for Women in the Building Industry

Mollie Elkman: A Champion for Women in the Building Industry

For home builders, Group Two provides a solid marketing blueprint for success. Led by owner and president Mollie Elkman, Group Two is full-service marketing dynamo for home builders, specializing in understanding the consumer experience and designing successful, traffic-driving advertising programs for builders nationwide. 

But Mollie doesn’t stop there.   

She’s not only passionate about the building industry itself, she’s a champion for women and ardently pursues their advancement in the industry. 

She admittedly lives by the word relentless. I recently chatted with her in my podcast and I think you’ll agree that she has fully embraced and earned the title! 

There’s No Straight & Direct Path to Success 

Mollie Elkman - paths Most people think that the path to success should look a certain way: a perfect trajectory upward.

Mollie and I agree it’s never that simple. It’s oftentimes a path full of detours. 

“I haven’t figured it out yet, but I’m always figuring it out,” she admitted.  She’s sure of one thing: “When you’re stagnant, you’re not going to get anywhere.” 

Mollie joined her father’s company during an economic downturn and started at the bottom to learn it all. When Mollie began leading her dad’s company, there were only four people. Today, there are 35 employees and she and her husband are partners, providing a great balance and complementing each other. 

Because Group Two is a family business, Molly understands and serves the unique dynamics of other family-owned businesses – common in the homebuilding industry.  

Mollie specializes in these relationships and the dynamics involved with them.  Her relentless personality is a solid foundation that serves her business and her customers well. 

How Did Mollie Elkman Build Success? 

Building Success Mollie ElkmanThe most important thing to success is surrounding yourself with the right people, says Mollie. 

“You are invested in the people around you, in the right seats,” she explained. 

“When employees aren’t in the right seat and companies don’t recognize it and address it early, they won’t see the success they could.” 

Getting comfortable at the hard and uncomfortable things is key and serves the long-term success of the company.  

“A lot of people think about the path and the growth of success, and not the hard things. Being resilient and relentless is necessary – and not everyone can do that.”  

What does that mean?  

  • Be prepared for changes.  
  • Learn to delegate the day-to-day functions to those who can manage it.  
  • Remember, the right people are key to success.  

“As our business model continues to shift, if I don’t shift with those changes, then I can’t be the Leader,” explained Mollie. “Some changes happen organically. Make sure you are growing along with them.”

Reinvention is key. 

Mollie’s dad ran the company when it was heavily print-based to serve the industry. She integrated her career in social media and developed the company into the successful digital marketing company that it is today.  

She made sure each person fit into the mold of the perfect role. “Always be aware of each person’s special skills,” advised Mollie. “Tap into them to allow them to own their career path, which gives them the ability to explore their professional growth. Let them know they are supported.” 

Mentors and Role Models are Essential to Growth 

Who have been Mollie’s role models along the way?  Many. 

Mollie admits she takes little pieces from people she admires, taking on and emulating their spectacular traits. 

Mollie Elkman Headshot 2

Looking for just one person to emulate shuts out creativity, noted Mollie. “Admiring someone else allows you to learn more – from older, younger, all over the board. Be inspired by everyone in some way!” 

Mollie stresses to let your mentees know what you’re not good at and surround yourself with the support you know you need. And don’t dwell on what you need to improve – never lose your passion.  

Sure, life has unexpected things that will affect your career, but don’t let it bring you down, she emphasized. Mollie channeled her home building passion into writing – something else she loves – to pen the wildly popular book, “The House that She Built.” 

The book was inspired by women-owned companies and builders. Even better, proceeds go towards workforce development programs in the home building industry. 

The book, written for kids from kindergarten and up lets young readers know the opportunities available in the industry. Mollie stresses the need to encourage more girls in the industries and in leadership roles.  

Pursue Your Path – Relentlessly 

Not everyone is going to like you and not everyone is going to support you.
Successful people are criticized. Know who you are and forge ahead anyway.

Never give up is a motto Mollie lives by.  

Doors that are closed in your face require you to keep pounding on more doors to get where YOU WANT TO GO. You must decide ahead of time what you want in order to stay relentless. 

Mollie keeps up her path, persistently. She wants to get her book on Good Morning America.  And she determinedly pursues the challenge of getting more women in industries which were previously male-dominated. Not only homebuilding – but also the auto industry and others. 

“It’s all about knowing the right time to take on things,” said Mollie. “You can’t be so in love with every idea that you can’t see it objectively anymore.”  

Interestingly, Mollie credits her inspiration that often comes from reading creative novels rather than business books. She gets a view of what the masses are enjoying which in turn, feeds her passion for understanding consumer trends. 

Group Two: A Blueprint for Homebuilder Success

Mollie’s company, Group Two, is working on partnerships for sales and marketing together so that they are proactive and serve businesses properly in the changing market. Blueprint for success

A full-service marketing partner for homebuilders across the country, Group Two does it all:

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • website and sales centers
  • and more

With 35 specialized team members, they’re ready to take on those homebuilders who are serious in servicing their customers and the industry. 

Group Two is always changing, Mollie explained, since the housing market and its cycles always shift.   “It’s hard to be successful if you aren’t willing to embrace change.” 

And just like the rest of us, Mollie admits she is a Work in Progress, continually evaluating herself to see where she can do better.  

“Continuing to improve in my life, not just professionally but with all the hats I wear,” explained Mollie. “I’m not any of them in a silo – I’m always all of them.” 

Keep up with Mollie Elkman (if you can!) & all her relentless pursuits:  

Back here at Strive Leadership Development, we invite you to join us: be daring!  Do something for yourself. Our professional successes in the homebuilding industry will inspire you – and we’ll guide you every step of the way to pursue your own vision of success. Visit us today.  


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