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Your Performance Motivator™ has Mixed Results!

Mostly A's? You're an Impact Player™!

As an Impact Player™…

  • Are clearly a leader and have a strong desire to bring that value to be a part of the strategy and direction of the company. Because you appreciate being recognized, you put yourself in positions to bring high quality data and value to impact success. 
  • Work hard and aren’t afraid to work long hours to meet any demands that the company may determine as necessary for the success of business plan and goals.
  • Are a dedicated and servant style leader who proves your value repeatedly. This has brought great success to you along the way and is your style and approach in business. 
  • Have created habits that serve you well to gain success and meet your goals. Others likely see you as a role model/ leader/ mentor/ teacher-each of these serving both you and the company we

Mostly B's? You're an Success Seeker™!

As a Success Seeker™…

  • Your energy and drive are seen and valued within the organization and your desire to learn and grow are appreciated by those around you.
  • You bring a great deal to the table each time you are called upon and likely intentionally place yourself into positions where you can bring yourself and your abilities and whenever possible. 
  • Learning from others and allowing others to teach and show you is your admirable quality and your willingness to make yourself available and work hard is what has brought you great success thus far in your life and career path. 
  • You are Goal-oriented and driven toward crossing finish lines, each of these qualities being highly desired by most employers and are the ingredients toward great success in anything that you do.

Mostly C's? You're a Change Champion™!

As a Change Champion™

  • Your passion and drive are focused on the greater good and the bigger picture. Standing for something larger than yourself is what fills you and you are focused on this being an important part of the culture of your life, and where and for whom you choose to work. 
  • You bring an energy and perspective that others appreciate and want to get behind in your mission and cause. 
  • You bring a sense of community to the group through your passion and drive. This adds a richness to organizations and helps to shape their culture. Bravo!

Mostly D's? You're a Boundary Balancer™!

As a Boundary Balancer™…

  • You enjoy working and bringing value/impact to a place where it is appreciated and needed.
  • You probably enjoy being surrounded by people and places that are interesting and add a richness to your life. 
  • You’re very fulfilled having the responsibilities of a job with a good company.
  • You also know that in this season of your life, even though your job is very important to you, it is not your top priority. Either based on your personal circumstances or your personal decisions, the responsibilities you have outside of work are far greater than the ones you have at work. This necessity of balance is critical to you. 
  • When a company has someone like you, they are likely to be appreciative of what you bring to the table and are very happy to accommodate your other personal needs outside of work. The benefits you bring far outweigh the accommodations that need to be made by having you on the team. It’s a win-win for all.

Mostly E's? You're a Tribe Thinker™!

As a Tribe Thinker™…

  • Your work and life are one in the same, in many respects. 
  • Choosing the company where you work is equivalent to choosing your friends, your extended family, your social world in many ways. 
  • Working with people you enjoy is a big driver for you and because of that, you work hard to ensure that stays intact for yourself and to attract and create that culture for others. Others appreciate you for creating this culture of belonging and acceptance and it permeates through the organization. 
  • You are motivated by belonging and ensuring others feel as though they belong too. Performing in a way that risks that which has been created is a huge driver of performance and success for you. 
  • You provide a critical element that many companies seek to create and value when they have it.

Mostly F's? You're a Structure Wiz™!

As a Structure Wiz™…

  • You are a rock solid and reliable member of the Team and everyone knows what to expect from you. 
  • You are dependable and produce high quality work. 
  • Your job is very important to you and you bring your best value in everything you do. 
  • You appreciate the steady security that your position offers you and prefer to take minimal risks to rock that boat. 
  • You are also very clear on your boundaries and how you want to live your life from a balanced standpoint. 
  • You give yourself fully at work and at home. So, when you leave the office, you don’t take work home with you and have no interest in making yourself available by phone, text or email after hours as this leaks into the priorities of your personal life. If asked to do anything outside of the norm, you are a willing team player, but it is not your norm and is not how you want to operate on a regular basis (never placing your job at risk). 
  • You want to be recognized for what you bring and are very proud of the quality of work you produce, and it is important to you that others see that too. However, it isn’t for the purpose of climbing, achieving, or proving anything to anyone, but for confirmation that all agree that the arrangement of contribution is working well for all. 
  • You are very satisfied with where you are and what you’ve accomplished but don’t want to put anything in jeopardy or at risk either. 
  • You are valued in your organization and do not seek change so long as the arrangement continues to serve everyone. 
  • You want to contribute for the purpose of serving your life in the best ways you can. While you are willing to learn, taking on new challenges and changing the ways you know and love are not necessarily a desire for you. You may see these as limiting your contribution or possibly risking the balance of professional and personal world that you seek to achieve.



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