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This guide will enhance your ability to architect your dream team – while retaining your quality staff members.

What can you expect by taking this new approach? Well, since you asked…

Here’s the best part: you can apply these strategies as you work toward getting your team back to business as usual, as well as in the future for your hiring processes going forward.

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    Michelle Simms-Reiter

    Through my years of expertise growing a multimillion dollar company in the homebuilding industry, I can help you achieve a sustainable organization that gets the job done and exceeds your expectations. 

    I teach business owners and leaders how to create and maintain a business that their employees love to work for, in a simple way that provides an immediate ROI far better than any marketing expense line can ever match.

    My program maximizes a tremendous amount of content into a simple, straightforward approach, while also respecting your time and schedule.