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I developed this program to help management and leadership teams.

This Leadership Program supports ongoing management training and leadership coaching to create strong, focused, high-functioning individuals and organizations.

Specifically designed by an award-winning, seasoned leadership expert, participants get insider expertise – available nowhere else – to achieve that next level of success, find balance and fresh focus, increase satisfaction in life & work, and create a more fulfilling future.

So whether you own a small business or you work in corporate America… these are the tips, wisdom and experience you need to improve your leadership and management skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What am I committing to?

The biggest investment you are making in choosing to become part of the Strive Leadership Program isn’t the dollar amount. It’s about the time, steady focus, and commitment to prioritize your path over the course of a whole year.

I don’t take that commitment lightly – I am dedicated to providing you with everything you need toward achieving your goals. And in case you’re wondering if you HAVE the time, don’t worry- I also help you gain that time back so you can see how to make the time back for this commitment, and more!

Do I attend events, or is this more of a self-study program?

The Strive Leadership Program is very interactive: Live attendance and engagement in the Peer Group Meetups is required. Personal one-on-one coaching sessions and monthly topic-specific Workshops are also Live and Interactive in addition to self-study, self-paced, and easy-to-consume courses. But guess what, most attend even more than the requirements- why? Because they are so incredibly valuable and impactful!

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Michelle gave me hope in my life as a woman. Thanks for all you have done and will do in the future, because I know you will never be far away.
"If there is one thing I have learned from Michelle over the years, it's how to adapt to change. Embrace the good, the bad and the ugly of it and make the best of it! And you will always come out on the other side, stronger!"