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Home » Job Interview Strategies to Help You Score Big & Up-level Your Career

Job Interview Strategies to Help You Score Big & Up-level Your Career

Job Interview Strategies to Help You Score Big & Up-level Your Career

Jamie Flora, job interviewJamie Flora is a career coach – and by her own admittance, not just your average one. 

An expert in executive communications, strategic planning and marketing, Jamie helps people land the jobs that light them up – and earn them a six-figure salary. 

I’ve come to know her well over this past year. Recently we discussed the tips she offers her clients who are interviewing for a new position to up-level their careers and value.  

As she shared common advice she offers her clients, issues they often face and the pitfalls they run into, I realized that they are the same issues that I coach my leaders on as well. 

My hiring course offers a great deal of guidance for leaders in businesses already, but I thought that everyone needs to hear it straight from the coaches who help candidates get the interviews and negotiate for the jobs. 

We teamed up recently for a Yin-Yang podcast to share the experiences, advice, and perspectives that the employer – and future hire – face in the interview process. 

Here are some of the best tips Jamie offers to her own clients. 

Job Interviews: Do a Play-by-Play Review Like the Pros 

Jamie’s Best Advice for interviewers: 

  • What to be prepared for/expectations
  • Use behavioral interview questions: the “Tell me about a time when…”questions. 
  • To prepare, take phrases from the job description and turn them into these types of questions. 
  • Frequent and honest communication is the highest standard during any interview. Connecting your new hire with others ASAP can smooth over any logistical bumps. 
  • Define the qualities of the best companies you have seen in interviewing techniques, the hiring process, and the onboarding process- the ones who have done it well! 
  • These days recruiters frequently ghost candidates and companies for a week (or more!) to get laptops and systems access to their new employees. 

So that you don’t miss anything, record your interviewing technique: 

Make a recording of yourself answering the questions and listen to the playback to see where you can improve. 

More Smart Advice for Those Being Interviewed: 

How to make a good decision about the potential employer?  

Job Interview

  • Do your research 
  • Ask what is most important to you? 
  • Contemplate your most important values.  
  • Make sure your values and the company’s values align. 
  • Look out for warning signs that something may not be right… 
  • For example: Mismatched stories between the recruiter, the hiring manager, and anyone on the team you interview with.
  • Listen to your intuition. 

If things just don’t ‘feel right’ don’t be afraid to walk away. Also, compare your interview experience with others you have had. 

Helpful job interview tips for both the interviewer and potential new hire: 

  • Have great video presence. 
  • Use both hands symmetrically from time-to-time. 
  • Lean forward periodically to show engagement. 
  • Use vocal inflection. 
  • Draw your shoulders back, open up. This demonstrates confidence and openness. 
  • Have great lighting. 
  • Dress to impress – but be sure to be you. 

My Favorite Job Interview Tip from Jamie 

zoom call, job interview

Record the interview!    

Record the Zoom interviews, hit the playback button, and see how the interview played out. 

This is a great tip for all of us because:  

  • Leaders can learn about their style and presence in interviews. 
  • Can develop more confidence in interviews, learn to ask great questions and ensure that values, goals, and priorities are aligned – for the company AND the candidate. 

Preparing for Interviews is a Win-Win Situation 

Spending time sharing and communicating to ensure the alignment toward a match is there is just as important as any relationship or partnership you create in your life. 

The resources and hard costs used toward filling a new position are astronomical to the bottom line of any company. So, make those dollars worth every bit to return it back to the company as soon as possible. 

Get the Best Results from Your Next Interview 

If you or someone you know is looking for their dream job and a six-figure salary, visit Jamie’s website to see how her extraordinary coaching style can help you up your game:

And if you are a leader who wants to up-level your game to be the best leader you can be, hire better, quicker and create a loyal following, check out Strive Coaching Studio to find out how we can help you achieve your most important goals.  

Be sure to tune into my upcoming podcasts for awesome leadership strategies, lively dialogue to keep you interested and much more. 😊 

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