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How Differences Between Men & Women Might Be Impacting Your Business

Hyper Achiever: Is That You in There?

The deck steps of our home needed repair, so I met with a handyman to remedy the issue. 

I have been in the home building industry since 1999 and had a good idea of what was needed to repair the staircase. Together my husband and I decided what we needed.  

The handyman looked over the project and gave me his opinion on the repair. I explained to him what I thought needed to happen and why – and how it could be done with less destruction overall. He told me to discuss the matter with my husband. 

I knew that even if he was aware of my experience in the field, he would not change his opinion.  

I am no longer frustrated by this. We live in a world with very real obstacles and biases.  

We must accept it as reality.  

Acceptance does not mean that I agree with it or that I am ok with it.
It means that I am going to make a much greater impact toward change- and accomplish my objectives – far more effectively if I stop resisting the reality of what is in front of me.

This is a small representation of a much larger issue in our world for both women AND men. 

I prefer to face things based on what the facts ARE, verses what I think they SHOULD be. 

Generating thoughts that fuel me best toward confident and empowered resolutions is far more effective than approaching things with frustration or resentment.  

Is It Still a Man’s World? 

We’ve all heard the phrase: “It’s still a man’s world.” Men & Women

Studies seem to prove that life isn’t exactly equal for men and women. 


When it comes to applying for a new job, studies show that men apply for jobs that they are only 40% qualified for, while women don’t apply for a job unless they are 90-100% qualified.  

We can think that it’s not right or fair. We can lay blame.  

These are real issues that we have created as a society over time. We participated in it, as did the generations before. I am not responsible for any of the HOW we got here. Neither are you. Neither are the generations that will come after us, even though we all participate and operate within the socialized structure that exists. 

We are just responsible for now, today. 

Stats Prove Men & Women Approach Careers Differently 

How will we show up and operate in this world to create results we are proud of for ourselves and others who follow? 

We are 100% responsible for all these things. Focusing on that, on ourselves, is where our energy can best be spent, rather than finding someone to blame and requiring someone else to fix it. 

We can each fix it with steps in the right direction each day.  

This topic reminds me of when I took ski lessons last year with a female pro ski instructor. I shared the statistic with her about women and men that I shared above. 

She related how the ski resort schools have been having many discussions about how men and women learn to ski and require different ski instructions from each other.  

In general, men are quick to jump in and head down the mountain, and figure it out as they go. This typically serves them well in the ski arena. Females approach the mountain in a much different manner. Teaching men and women requires different techniques and approaches to ensure success.  

What do we want to think about the statistical career differences between men and women? What kinds of messages and takeaways do we gain from just this statistic alone?  

It’s Not Man or Woman: It’s Who is Qualified 

Here are a couple of points to consider: Men & Women

  1. From a leadership perspective, it is in the company’s best interests to have the most qualified person in each role to maximize the value and ROI of the company dollars toward a strategic and successful business plan. This puts the burden on the leaders to carefully evaluate the candidates who apply. Evaluating high quality and skilled employees as part of a leadership strategy is a wise decision for the company. 
  2. This likely means that the current positions within the company have been filled with men who may not be as qualified for the position- translating to a reduced ROI and value for the company’s dollar. The awareness of this fact may inspire new choices and changes as a result.  

These changes may be: 

  1. Identifying individuals who may be in this situation and supporting them through development and training necessary to improve their level of ability. They may be aware of their shortcomings, are struggling and may or may not be asking for what they need to fix it. They may not be aware of their shortcomings, so recognizing, communicating, and supporting serves everyone involved.
  2. It may mean that additional role changes need to be considered, to ensure the right people are in the right roles – for themselves and the company.  

What Message is Your Company Sending to Employees? 

It’s important to look at the messaging that the company communicates to its employees. 

While I would not suggest that it is a company’s job to build the confidence of its people, there is an incentive to ensuring that confidence and morale is high and encouraged for everyone equally. Here, communication is key. 

To Achieve Communication, I Encourage: 

Men & Women

  • Regular conversations and feedback in conjunction with formal reviews to maximize everyone’s potential 
  • Ensuring that every employee in the organization is fully aware of their value to the organization, their path to the future and how they can work toward developing the skillsets necessary to achieve higher competency and expertise.

Offering development programs to employees is also a great benefit. Whether internally formalized or choosing outside experts to support and develop management and leadership skills benefits the ROI AND the morale improvement and loyalty gained. 

Statistics are clear proof that the benefits that can be gained from this awareness are worthy.  

Someone else seeing something in you that you don’t see yourself has impacts on your life that can change the trajectory of your life forever. 

Here at Strive, we are working together with men and women to help them develop their full potential. We focus on management and leadership skills as well as building confidence, creating empowerment, and helping them to live fully. If this is something that would help your organization, come check us out at 

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