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Here’s How You Can Achieve 100% Proven Results 

Here's How You Can Achieve 100% Proven Results 

Have you noticed that when you begin paying attention to a particular 
thing, like a car or a sign, that you start noticing it all the time?   

The car or the sign was there all along. But because you focused on it, your brain begins making it its job to see it everywhere.  

I’m very focused on RESULTS, whether through books, coaching, helping clients with their goals, focusing on building and running my own businesses  

We All Want RESULTS.  

RESULTS are sold to us by companies We want to buy instant results, and to see RESULTS, feel them, and experience them. Most likelywe want a different RESULT than the one we currently have.  

We see other peoples’ RESULTS Our perception of their results is based on the strategically filtered and resultoriented information that they choose to share from social media resources, the news, or marketing.    

We’d like to believe that we can have their results, too.  

Here’s the great news:  

Each of us are in 100% control of our RESULTS. We get to have any RESULT we want. You have always had this ability and you always will.  

RESULTS: You Are What You Think 

Look at your life right now.  Thinking, Results

What do you see?  

Every RESULT you have right now represents all the things YOU created.  

Your current results are based entirely on ACTIONS you took. Those ACTIONS were fueled by feeling you generated; you were 100% fueled by your THOUGHTS.   

If you don’t want them, you can choose to change them.  

We experience the results in our lives because we CHOOSE them. We need to determine how we got them and ask ourselves if we are aware of the direction our brains took us.  

Ask yourself: 

  • How do I get more of what I want? 
  • What is working and what is not 
  • How can I see and experience results?
  • Can really have different results?

The answer?  

You have all the power and the ability to do it.  

It’s not about getting instant results – it is about creating them.   

It is about fueling yourself with the right ingredients toward creating them. It is about thinking and believing it and deciding that you can and will. Realizing that you have the power is the most empowering thought you can have to fuel you toward RESULTS.  

RESULTS: Live it Every Day 

I can say all of this because I have done it and am continuously doing it in my own life. I watch my clients do it and see them take back control of their RESULTS and truly transform their lives.  

Here’s how to begin the process towards getting RESULTS:  

  • Assess, decide, create goals: initiate all the processes of change, for the journey ahead.
  • Once you focus on something, your brain loves its job. It is pointed in a direction and allowed to go. 
  • Fuel your body with motivation, confidence, passion! 
  • Decide that you can count on yourself 100% to be in control of yourself and your results. THINK IT ALL THE TIME.

Like a ship without a captain, the mind wanders without direction. YOU are the CAPTAIN of your ship.   

Pilot it towards YOUR RESULTS.  

How to Get the Outcomes You Want in Your Life  

1- Take an assessment of what you’ve accomplished.   

We must acknowledge that every result we have in our lives is 100% based upon choices we’ve made, belief systems and values we have. 

Many follow up this assessment with some self-loathing.  I’ve been there, but I catch myself when that little voice tries to make me feel bad. That’s a waste of time and energy. It serves no good purpose and only backfires on you to create more results that you don’t want.  

Instead, use the assessment as an awareness of looking at what is working well for you and is creating results that are aligned with your greatest goals and which ones are not. Then take the time tappreciate and value all that you have in your life.   

Appreciate the accomplishments – and be compassionate and understanding of yourself for all the rest. It’s just part of being human.   

2- What were the reasons that you accomplished those things? How did you do it?   

Delve deeply into analyzing why it worked, how you did it and what it took for you to get there.  

This is critical to tracking your success. Once we succeed at accomplishing something we set out to do, we rarely care any more about the path we took. Think about the different paths you needed to get there, how many times you failed, how many times you almost quit.  

Look at your accomplishments from a place of appreciation for what it took to achieve them. This will fuel you to overcome other struggles and challenges. 

Success: What Is Your Definition? 

success, results

Do you consider yourself to be a success now? Why or why not?   

Even at times when I had no idea what my next step would be or how I was going to get out of a mess, I always believed that I had created success.   

We made it through the recession with a positive balance sheet. Our operations continued. It made me know we had accomplished something We earned a comfortable income; we were able to pay for the things we needed for our family. Also, we loved what we did and were good at it.  

We had valuable support and partnerships. We knew we were capable of more growth, expansion, and creating opportunities. Also, we were never driven from a place of anxiety or need toward the next steps or levels. We believed in our team and in ourselves to know that we could do more. That is what carried us to new levels. That was our drive.   

When you can be so satisfied and abundant in all that you do and have passion and drive for what can still be done, there’s no stopping you.  

How To Create Your Results

To create your RESULTS: 

  • Know where you’re going. 
  • Write down exactly what you want to accomplish for yourself. This is your roadmap.  
  • Have committed reason for why you want to get there. 
  • When there are obstacles or failures, staying focused on why you want it will help you resist the temptation to give up.

What is fueling RESULTS for you?  

  • Is this coming from a place of desperation, not feeling like you are valuable enough or that you need to prove something to others?  
  • Oare you confident, motivated, passionate, inspired, determined, courageous? 

Pick the best fuel you can toward the goal. The better the fuel, the better the experience  and this increases the likelihood that you will get there efficiently, safely, and quickly.   

Ready for Your RESULTS? 

Are you looking for results? Sure, you are!  

You can choose them right now. Right this instant.   

Decide, fuel yourself and take action!   

Leave us comments about your goals and what fuels you – and know that your results are well on their way!  

Get on the fast track to achieving the life you’ve always envisioned: contact us today to see how we can help you navigate there.  

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