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Fuel Yourself with High Octane Positivity to Achieve Your Goals

Fuel Yourself with High Octane Positivity to Achieve Your Goals

Resolutions / Goals

Those New Year’s resolutions and goals you made…how are they coming along?

I’d like to share some fascinating statistics I read recently:

  • An estimated 188.9 million adult Americans (74.02% of the population) say they’re determined to learn something new, make a lifestyle change or set a personal goal in an effort to better themselves in 2021
  • That’s a 15.17% increase from the previous year
  • The top 6 goal-making categories: money, health, career, self-improvement, family, and love
  • But…roughly 80% of resolutions are abandoned by February

What’s the main reason goals fizzle out?

The top reason men and women of all generations state that they are not able to see 2021 resolutions to success is:

  • We “don’t have the willpower…”
  • Others blame it on forgetting, being lazy or other various reasons

Those A-Ha Moments in Life

There are memorable times in life when we have experiences that result in that almighty “a-ha” moment.

I recently experienced one of those moments during an annual skiing winter break with my family.

The trip had nothing to do with New Year’s resolutions.

I had no intention of making a goal out of anything while on break. Truth be told, if I didn’t visit a cold climate again in my life, let alone spend a week skiing in it, I would be happy. But spending time with my family and enjoying the scenery is what makes it worthwhile.

This year, there was a lesson in store for me.

Sometimes We Work Against Ourselves When Setting Goals

GoalsI’ve been skiing for about 15 years and have never been able to push past blues. I consider myself a decent skier, but not great.  My husband and kids are advanced masters of the slopes.

I had no desire to increase my skills to that of my family. I considered giving up skiing. While I could have gone either way – I made the decision to sign up for an advanced lesson.

I chose a skilled teacher who could teach me – safely and efficiently – where I wanted to go – which was to confidently ski the challenging terrain and keep up with my kids. Very quickly, my instructor recognized that I wasn’t able to get to the next level the way I was skiing.

What was I doing wrong?

For 15 years, I was fighting and resisting the gravity of the mountain rather than working with it to my benefit.  Not only was I causing myself so much work and exhaustion, but I was limiting myself as to what I was capable of doing.

I needed to relearn everything I’ve known about skiing and begin practicing doing everything 100% the opposite way I had been doing for 15 years.

Let’s be honest.  It sucked.

And that’s what we face when we make resolutions. Unlearning our behaviors is tough. Change is difficult.

Give in to the Old – Or Challenge the New

I made the usual excuses: I thought about quitting the sport all together. I told myself I’m far too old to be doing this at this point in my life.

Then reality hit: this skilled instructor has committed teaching me for the next 3 hours. I got up and I kept going.  After a few runs it felt smooth, natural, and effortless. I was enjoying it. It changed everything. The more I kept doing it, the more comfortable I became and the more I improved.

I couldn’t move before because:

  • There was a need to step back first and get uncomfortable again. I was just going through the motions and surviving my ordeal.

Now I’m going farther because:

  • I’m fueling myself with so much more quality and positivity toward the next step. I’m thriving in my new knowledge.

That’s how it is with things in life. It comes down to what we fuel our minds with.

We Fuel Ourselves with the Energy That Can Only Take Us So Far.

Because it seems to be working ok for us and we’re surviving (like the so-so skier I was), we don’t recognize what we’re doing to ourselves or what we are missing out on.

When I became fueled with a positive energy, I became aware of the potential that I’m capable of. I want to thrive in what I do, not just survive.

Before I quit or retire or decide against anything in life, I want to make sure:

  • I am fueled with the highest quality fuel I can choose
  • And I have reached all the potential available to me first

Are Your Goals Maturing…. or Fizzling Out?

If you’re steady on course with your resolutions and goals, congratulations!

If not, consider some of these points:

  1. What is the reason you want to quit?  Is it uncomfortable? Is it harder than you thought it would be?
  2. What is the fuel that you are using? Are you coming from a place of nervousness, uncertainty, fear, doubt, and/or reluctance? Are you just attempting to survive through it?

Sure, re-learning something is much harder than learning it the first time – especially for adults.

Change can seem uncomfortable, but so what?

We should not limit our success at anything by simply surviving something or enduring it.

Surviving is life at the base level. Fill yourself with positive fuel – recognize the desired end in sight – and use that as high-octane fuel to get you where you want to be.

“Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.”– Brian Tracy

You Owe It to Yourself to Experience Your Greatest Potential

My sincerest wish for you?

That you can approach and accomplish your goals in life with an attitude of thriving.

Give yourself the gift and opportunity to experience things to their greatest potential – then decide whether you still want it or not. It is a gift that only you can give – and you deserve all of that!

Executive coaching is the same as any other goal -approach your leadership goals with the same positive fuel.

We are here for you – and to share a perspective that you may be incapable of seeing from where you are now standing. Having someone who can guide you through the challenges makes for a more efficient and productive journey.

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”– Henry David Thoreau

Check us out where we can take you to your next level.

Get started today with our complimentary download that will help you take the first step in achieving your biggest goals.

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