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Executive Coach: Your Professional GPS (and More)

Executive Coach: Your Professional GPS (and More)

As a business owner, you’ve set your destination: Success. Executive coaching gets you there by the best route, like a GPS system.

That’s what we do here at Strive Coach Studio. Think of us as your GPS along your drive to SUCCESS.

Trusted Support is Essential – in Business & in Life

While my family loves golf, I am just it in for the ride.

I recently watched Justin Thomas, 29, win the Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass.

Afterwards, Thomas spoke of his tough journey over the past few months, mentioning, his grandfather’s death and other losses he experienced. He also noted good friend Tiger Woods’ serious car accident. All this affected Thomas.

He admitted that he needed to get back into a good headspace. He called trusted advisors and talked through his feelings.

Thomas spoke honestly:

“It was all affecting me and the others in my life. I needed to do that in order to win.
I’m not embarrassed to say it. A lot of people think they are bigger and better than needing to do that,
but I know that’s what I needed to get there and into a better headspace.”

For all issues in life, coaches and advisors are important. No one is immune to problems – and no one is perfect and able to solve everything on their own.

Coaches Aren’t Just in Sports

As a society, we place a high importance on coaches. Athletes, singers, musicians all employ the best coaches – and for good reason.

Coaches are the key and the real difference.

The best coaching is not limited to skillset and physical improvement. The top coaches know the person, know what they are thinking and where they need to place their mental focus to get the in the right “headspace” to get there.

A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has to see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you always known you could be.” -Tom Landry

I have been in both the corporate and entrepreneurial world my entire adult life. Most of my closest friendships developed from my business relationships – supportive friends who were there when I needed them.

Since I’ve transitioned to executive coaching, they have helped me to understand their common challenges and focus on opportunities. I came to realize many don’t know what an executive coach does.

Executive Coaching Opens Doors to New Opportunities

Some folks think executive coaching is:

  • Like therapy
  • Where someone will hold you accountable to things that are assigned to you

It’s so much more than that.

Coaching is all about opening up doors to new opportunities.

While running my own small business, I needed to learn how to be willing to change. This didn’t come easily for me.

I had worked in corporate environments that had many rules. Change didn’t occur often. When it did, it took so long that it was already outdated by the time we were on a new course. Therefore, I created my own patterns and habits from that experience.

In my own small business, one of the biggest advantages was that:

We were more like a speed boat, and had the quick ability to maneuver, pivot, avoid, turn, speed up and slow down in a minute.

I needed to:

  • Make changes immediately if I wanted to succeed
  • Become a key decision-maker
  • Get good at being willing to implement those decisions
  • Own the responsibility of whatever happened

The Many Detours Along the Road To Success

I started a company with myself and 1 other employee which I later sold – with 54 employees.

I was not aware of the opportunity for someone to be by my side- a coach. Yet the failures and decisions I made along the way are what led me on the perfect path toward success. With a coach, it would have allowed for greater opportunity – with less stress and less overwhelm.

Isn’t that what you’d like, too?


  • Don’t do the work for you
  • Don’t dump their knowledge and then walk away
  • Work together with you, personalized to your style, technique, skillset, experience level and personality.
  • Meet you where you are – and help you get where you want to go

Strive Coaching: Your GPS to Success

Executive Coaching CompassThe way to get to the next place will never be from back tracking. You need to map out and be willing to navigate a new path.

That’s where Strive Coaching comes in: we’re your GPS system to guide you to your destination.

Our role as executive coach is to:

  • Create a map and help you to anticipate and manage the hurdles and bumps that can happen
  • Help you see the path better for yourself

And most importantly, we are 100% accountable to YOU.

You choose the destination. We help navigate.

The Benefits of Executive Coaching

Credibility is important in choosing an executive coach. We offer:

  • Wisdom gleaned from years in business
  • Experiences of our own
  • Skills we’ve developed over the years

The Value of Executive Coaching is just like any other coaching. We help you:

  • See your actions and results from our perspective: looking from the outside in
  • Share what we see, things that you can’t see from your vantage point
  • Realize what is limiting you
  • See yourself and make the best decisions you can toward your desired path

And when you take home the win, you will have earned it 100% your way!

Invest in Yourself – the Best Decision You Can Make

At Strive Coaching Studio, we work with you to become more confident in the leadership and management of your company. to help you see from a perspective you cannot possibly see from your vantage point.

How much is that worth to you?

If you’re ready to start your journey, drop by our new website to explore your options.

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