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Get Results Your Company Needs

Times are Changing: How Ready are You?

I bet you can answer YES to at least 2 of these statements:

  • You are frustrated that your team isn’t stepping up to accomplish the most important things right now.
  • You are having trouble delegating because it’s just easier to do it yourself.
  • Holding people accountable is a difficult conversation and challenge for you right now.
  • You are looking for your next promotion and are unsure where to begin.


Our Leadership Program helps you build stronger, more highly developed teams that flourish – even in today’s ever-evolving, highly competitive market. And it all starts with YOU.

Courses included in this program.

Are you feeling Frustrated? Overwhelmed? 
These courses will take you from frustrated to FLOURISHING, and overwhelmed to EMPOWERED!

Time Management

Your Step-by-Step Guide to More Time, Achieving Your Goals and Feeling Better + our Sunday Kickoff system!

Culture & Leadership

Create a Culture that Breeds Success and provides a positive ROI by understanding leadership, team motivators, and what fuels focus.

Hiring Mastery

Define and build your hiring process with a new approach that takes you from planning through onboarding.

Model Mastery

This course will teach you how to regain control of the things that cause you the most frustration, anxiety and overwhelm. One of our most popular courses, it’s been life-altering for Michelle and all her students!

Goals Mastery

Goals, Plans and Ideas – Learn to Set and Achieve Goals for yourself and your team, ultimately getting more done.

Selling Simply

Perfect your sales process with a simplified approach that walks you step-by-step from planning and approach through closing and follow-up.

83% of Businesses Believe it’s Important to Develop Leaders at Every Level of the Company.

Yet, only 5% have implemented leadership development programs…

Obtaining Leadership Development is the #1 Choice to Improve Your Competitive Edge.


Leadership Development Tailored to Your Needs

Get Real Results With Strive

Cultivate a rewarding workplace culture that emphasizes inclusivity and values collaboration. Our simple relationship building approach will show you how.

Gain back hours through effective time management, allowing for more than enough time for this coursework AND more time to focus on your initiatives.

Attract, select, hire, and onboard new team members like a pro. How? We’ll show you a process that starts with the first interview and builds from there. 

Think about confidence in a whole new way! Get proven strategies to communicate confidently in all situations, and learn how to support others as well.

Get clear on how to assess your own Leadership Attributes; discover the Core Motivators of your employees and begin to assess your Team/Company on the Workplace Culture criteria.

Go from being a goal STARTER to being a goal FINISHER. Create the plan, identify the milestones, and map out the commitments…then just DO THEM! This course IS your roadmap.

Consider us your accountability partner and business mentor.

What Your ROI Looks Like

After working within the Strive Leadership Development program, you will see a positive ROI – guaranteed. Once enrolled, participants have indefinite access to their course dashboard, their alumni community, and monthly Certified Alumni calls for ongoing support.

Improved Production Times

Better Time Management Techniques & More Empowered Decision-Making fosters efficient output and production results

Higher Quality Satisfaction Scores

A more confident and organized team creates a platform for better customer satisfaction

Higher Quality Talent

Hiring correctly from the start can help attract top employees who will grow into useful leaders

More Valuable Contributions

A more empowered, strategic, and resourceful team results in improved collaboration for planning and implementation

More Time!

With improved focus and higher performance, employees will take more ownership and feel more in control of their minds AND schedules

Fewer Bottlenecks

With improved communications there is less interruption to the flow of work and fewer delays across the production process

Higher Functioning Individuals

Alignment and commitment to shared values and vision, working towards a common goal

Your Best Company Culture

Maximize the great culture you already have in place to create more connections with your team to improve the overall company culture, hiring opportunities, and retention of the best talent

Cultivate Harmony in Your Team Dynamics

Create relatability and reliability with your Team through order, efficiency, and quality

Your team already has 85% of what they need to succeed.

Let me help you find the rest to take you to new levels.

Our Training Methods

Private Coaching

Each month, participants receive private one-on-one coaching to address their individual needs and create custom solutions.

Online Plaform

Program participants will receive access to our online dashboard for easy access to all materials and support.

Video Training Sessions

Each month, business mentor and coach, Michelle Simms-Reiter, will provide you with valuable, easy to consume, recorded training materials. 

Ongoing Support

Throughout the program, participants will receive worksheets, assessments, tips, and reminders to keep you on track for results.


Throughout the process, participants will be expected to complete assessments and collect feedback in order to track progress and measure results.


Our Online platform allows for peer to peer community within multiple forums designed to help increase feedback and build relationships.

Meet Michelle Simms-Reiter

Michelle Simms-Reiter, Founder and Owner of Strive Leadership Development, built a company from nothing to a team of 54 people, creating an $85 million in revenue per year company. Even during the Great Recession, her home-building company built and sold 300 homes per year in their market.

Today, Michelle pours into leaders of companies so they can have the support and training needed to accomplish results within their organization.


What Clients Say:

"Since going through the program, I've become more cognizant of my thoughts and emotions. I've been able to let things go and delegate more."
Land Development Manager
"Start with the Time Management piece. Once you have your weekly meetings, you get pulled in all different directions. It's great to now have the ability to calendar my time. "
City Manager
Time management was the most valuable course I’ve taken. I was struggling to find balance and be present in what I was doing. The biggest impact it had was the shift in my own life perspective. I started embracing and trusting that I was spending my time where it was most valuable and gained the confidence and clarity to areas that were bleeding together or out of balance. I would recommend this program to anyone willing to invest in - and be honest with - themselves.
Construction Manager