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Why We’re the #1 Resource for the Homebuilding & Housing Industry

Why We’re the #1 Resource for the Homebuilding & Housing Industry

Building your own home…it is one of the most emotional and meaningful investments in a person’s life. And the people who work in the homebuilding industry understand that and work to embrace it each day, in every project.  I love the people who work in this ever-changing, market-driven industry that serves to create dreams for their customers. 

My Passion for the Homebuilding & Housing Industry Runs Deep 

To say the homebuilding and housing industry is my passion is an understatement. 

My years of experience in this industry resulted in abundant prosperity and deep personal reward. The industry is near and dear to my heart.  

Along with building new homes and making dreams become a reality to each and every customer, the home construction industry has a hidden price tag that is not measured in dollars. 

What’s the Hidden Price Tag Lurking in the Homebuilding Industry?

homebuilding hidden price tags

Lots of stress. Burnout. Health issues.  

 After all, the builder continually puts the customer’s needs and emotions before their own. 

Unfortunately, it is not an industry that has traditionally had the tools in place to support growth and the effects of change. The many challenges endured are a very real aspect of the business, not to mention the skillset development and training that is so valuable for the constantly increasing demands.  

Until now. 

My Mission: Become the #1 Resource for the Housing Industry  

It is my mission to create the very best resources and support for the housing industry toward Leadership Development, skillset building, support and much more to create a well-stocked toolbox for the talented and hard-working people of our industry.  


Quite simply, there’s a need 

When I look around to find the resources, there aren’t any that provide all that is needed to support those in the homebuilding industry. 

I can. 

I realized that the person who can create this is me. With my proven, successful experience, I can provide guidance and assistance for those who want it – and need it.  


My Strive Leadership Certification Program 

Workplace culture | improve team culture

My experience is unique from the traditional leadership programs and sales training that is more commonly found in this industry. Who better to create, teach, support and become a mentor, resource and role model to those in the industry than someone who: 

  • built a homebuilding and real estate company from the ground up: from $0 to $85m in revenue (and all the failures and successes that come with it). 
  • has weathered the good times and the bad – from the Great Recession to COVID and everything in between in our industry. 
  • has been an award-winning leader and role model to many in this industry over the years. 
  • understands the real challenges and struggles, while also holding the responsibility where it belongs: to the person in the shoes. 
  • can teach incredible skills yet understands the value of finding your own best way. 
  • already has all the tools to give so you can build your own unique toolbox. 

My visibility allows me to understand exactly what is needed and how to tackle it – and to offer it in the easiest and most digestible format to impact significant change. 

For any leader who is diligently seeking:

  • solutions to their problems 
  • better ways to tackle challenges 
  • efficiency to improve their work and personal lives 
  • tools to take them to the next level 
  • strategies to communicate better & create incredible workplace cultures with a loyal following 

The Strive Leadership Certification is for you. That’s because it’s customized to be the only Leadership Development certification just for the homebuilding, housing and supporting industries. 

It’s a Big Commitment – But I Know You’re Up for It! 

My goal is to become the best resource for the housing and homebuilding industry for leadership development training and coaching. 

Particularly in the times we’re facing, committing yourself and your homebuilding business for the long haul will require patience, dedication, and a willingness to change.  

As you reach into your toolbox for every job you need to do, don’t forget that you, too, need to recognize the symptoms of stress, burnout and other health issues that confront those in the homebuilding industry. 

Come see more of what we are all about – I can’t wait to welcome you into the Strive community! It’s an incredible, fun, dynamic, supportive family that will have a life-long impact for you.  

Learn more about our new STRIVE Leadership Certification here. 

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