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Leadership Development with a Proven ROI

Most organizations (83%) believe it’s important to develop leaders at every level of the company. Yet just 5% of businesses have implemented leadership development at all levels.

Want to become one of the elite 5% and gain your competitive edge?

Your team already has 85% of what they need to succeed. I help you find the rest to take you to new levels.

Throughout your leadership development journey, I guide you to:

  • Dive into the 6 Leadership Attributes, the 5 requirements of a successful Culture to build a team of strong leaders.
  • Redefine what you want success to be.
  • Identify the goals that are most aligned with your priorities and business.
  • See how you get in your own way to sabotage your goals
  • Implement the tools to get out of your own way going forward to open up new doors of opportunity.
  • Become a more confident, capable leader communicating at a high level.
  • Save time and work far more efficiently…without sacrificing yourself.
  • "I built a successful, vertically integrated company from $0 to $85m in 12 years. Let me help you!"
    - Michelle

    Industry Awards


    Women in Business Award, Triangle Business Journal 2014

    40 Under 40 Award, Triangle Business Journal 2014

    Leadership Achievement Award, HBA and TSMC of Raleigh/Wake County

    The Strive Coaching Philosophy

    Strive Leadership Development helps companies develop their leaders. We specialize in Leadership coaching and online training courses including self-paced; live workshops and One-on-One mentorship to build strong Leaders for higher-performing organizations.

    Accountability + Empowerment = A No-Nonsense Business Partner

    Strive is here to help you ensure that the foundation you have built for today will stand the test of time, the economy, and all the unexpectedness of tomorrow.

    Our philosophy is rooted in simplicity: We’re not about trying to change others (or the company) or to change life situations with the stroke of a magic wand. Rather, we empower our clients with the practical success strategies they need to live (and thrive) starting right where they’re at, right now.

    A Glimpse into the “WHY” Behind our STRIVE Leadership Training

    strive :: to devote serious effort, energy and synergy in order to achieve a goal

    Owner and Founder, Michelle Simms-Reiter, has an extensive background as a successful female entrepreneur developing a multimillion-dollar company which makes her uniquely suited to be your strategic growth partner.

    Developing managers who are already great into FIERCE, empowered, and highly functional leaders cultivates a whole community that will be defined as the same. A win-win strategy!

    The Executive Coaching Impact

    Executive coaching has proven, lasting benefits. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) found a:


    boost to individual performance
    70 %
    What that looks like:
    • Greater ability to achieve your goals
    • More effective communication
    • Greater satisfaction levels in work & life
    advancement in team performance
    50 %
    What that looks like:
    • More meaningful conversations
    • Deeper levels of collaboration
    • Higher performing workplaces
    improved organizational performance
    48 %
    What that looks like:
    • Better employee retention rates
    • Customers that become raving fans
    • Overall, a better bottom line


    What Our Clients Say...

    A Message from Strive Founder, Michelle Simms-Reiter

    built a company from nothing to a team of 54 people, creating $85 million in revenue per year company. Even during the Great Recession, my home-building company built and sold 300 homes per year in our market. I did this without ever having done it before, not being able to pay top dollar for talent, not having the same resources as my competitors, and without much help. I had to figure things out on my own. There were times I nearly failed – I thought we were done and would be closing our doors. 

    I want to spend time with you to support you through all that it takes to get the results you want (& deserve) in your life. 

    What did I love most about building my company? It was also a people-building company. 

    I have created this Program to be both financially and physically achievable to anyone who is in Management and Leadership in any industry. 

    Whether you are the decision maker for your organization or a Leader to become certified (or both), this Program is a no-brainer.

    Quite simply, there is nothing like it out there – and it will return your investment in your first month alone. 

    I am confident that I can guide you – and your team – to achieve higher levels of excellence (and have fun doing it).

    As I like to say, “Give me your managers, and I’ll return FIERCE Leaders!”

    Michelle Simms-Reiter

    Professional Memberships and Affiliations

    National Association of Home Builders

    HBA of Wake County

    Raleigh Chamber of Commerce

    Society for Human Resource Management

    NSA (National Speakers Association) Carolinas

    Triangle Sales and Marketing Council

    Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce

    National Speakers Association

    Triangle Organization Development Network