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Leadership Development for Every Level...

Leadership: the process of social influence that maximizes the efforts of others toward the achievement of a goal.

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What Drives Motivation?

Take our Performance Motivator™ Quiz to identify what drives you to succeed and achieve your goals! Plus, better understand what motivates your team in the process.

Discover the key factors that create inspiration and focus on the path to success. 

Don’t wait, discover your Performance Motivator™ and unlock your full potential today!

We Develop
Amazing Leaders

Our Strive Leadership Development Program prepares managers and leaders with what they need to bring their best, so the company can perform at its best.


Most organizations (83%) believe it’s important to develop leaders at every level of the company.

Yet just 5% of businesses have really implemented leadership development at all levels.

Want to become one of the elite 5% and gain your competitive edge?

From top-level executives to the newest managers out on the front lines – and every level and person in between – Strive is the clear solution to maximize your ROI in leadership development training.


Work-Life Balance. What’s That??

Can you relate?

There is so much to do at work and at home, it’s overwhelming.

I struggle with delegating tasks and holding people accountable.

I know change is here. But I don’t know how to lead my team through it.

I get it. Because I was there once, too. Let me show you the way out…



What success means for you. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach.


The goals that are most aligned with your priorities & business.

Watch Out!

Learn how to get out of your own way & embrace new opportunities.

Leadership Development is Our Key Focus

Strive helps companies develop their leaders through personalized leadership coaching and educational courses.
From the top-level executives to the front line newest managers - and every level and person in between -
Strive prepares managers and leaders with what they need to bring their best - so the company can perform at its best.
What real-life benefits will you enjoy?

Maximum Efficiency

Fuel efficiency through the implementation of smart tactics that can increase company revenue.

Stronger Productivity

Put proven strategies into practice to motivate everyone to accomplish more.

Greater Engagement

Enjoy better collaboration as you develop a more inclusive culture where everyone is valued.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is inevitable - but you can become a pro at navigating difficult workplace situations.

Better Quality

High quality products and services. Top notch customer service. Key metrics met (or exceeded!).

More Time!

More time = less workplace stress. With practical techniques, anyone can master time effectively.

Who Benefits Most?

Wondering if a Strive Leadership Development PROGRAM is the right choice for you?

The answer is YES, if you're in one of these roles: Front Line Managers, VP and Director level as well as Team Leaders and Small Business Owners

There are so many leadership development programs out there.
Why choose us?

The Strive Difference: Most other training programs statistically fail quickly following completion. It takes just a few days to forget newly learned concepts…so, those key concepts are never actually implemented for lasting change. 

Our comprehensive program is built on the belief that practice toward new habits is vital – and it does not happen overnight. In fact, it won’t happen without support, accountability and a variety of tactics to help you live what you learn. That’s what makes us different.

Strive is here to provide ongoing support for the long-term:

Once certified, participants have indefinite access to their course dashboard, their alumni community and monthly Certified Alumni calls.

Our Leadership Program focuses on these Key Areas of Leadership Development:


Because impactful leadership starts with you! Discover how to become a GREAT leader by honing your critical thinking skills and practicing intentional self-reflection.


Gain top-level skills to better articulate yourself with confidence. Understand how to be assertive, establish expectations, set boundaries, show empathy and manage conflict.


The ability to make smart decisions is, obviously, one of the most crucial leadership attributes. Get tools to consider, weigh, listen, understand, question, collaborate & strategize.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) isn't just another corporate buzzword. It's essential: of 34 essential workplace skills, EI was found to be the strongest predictor of performance. (TalentSmart)

Workplace Culture

Build and nurture an amazing workplace culture to attract top talent and retain the awesome employees you already have. In today's competitive business world, culture is key to success.


One of our most popular leadership topics! Learn & practice strategies to delegate, demonstrate accountability, measure performance objectives & address performance issues like a pro.

Build Trust

Why cultivate trust? Because employees in high-trust organizations are more productive, collaborate better with their colleagues, and are less stressed than those working in low-trust organizations. (HBR)


Did you know? 76% of people say mentors are important. Yet only 37% of people currently have one. Learn about personal goals, individual motivators, proper questioning techniques & more.

Time Mastery

A Strive Leadership Development Program doesn't take your time, it GIVES you your time back! Start implementing practical strategies to FINALLY take back control of your time.

Manage Change

Or as I like to say, "Listen, Learn, Plan"! Every leader knows that change is inevitable. Get the insider insight and practical tools you need to navigate our rapidly-evolving, volatile world.

About Us

We facilitate fierce leadership transformation to help leaders achieve the next level of success, find fresh focus and balance, increase revenues, and build a brighter future for themselves and those around them.

About Us

We facilitate fierce leadership transformation to help leaders achieve the next level of success, find fresh focus and balance, increase revenues, and build a brighter future for themselves and those around them.
"If anyone is considering the program, I would highly recommend it, because it shows you just what you're capable of. It's not just listen, hear it and put it away, you actually implement what you're taught. And then you can relay that to others and show them as well."
- Kathy
"If you are serious about your personal and professional growth, and you want to be successful, it's important to take on this challenge. Be intentional and open-minded with it."
- Jon


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This is Personal...

In the Great Recession, I built a company from nothing – zero to 54 people with $85M revenue per year.

I did this without ever having done it before, not being able to pay top dollar for talent, not having the same resources as my competitors and without much help.

I had to figure things out on my own. There were times I nearly failed, when I spent sleepless nights wondering if we would be closing the doors. 

I want to spend the next year with you to show you and teach you and support you through ALL that it takes to get the results, the successes and the achievements YOU want (& deserve!) in your life.

It’s not just the Strive mission – it’s my personal passion. 
Michelle Simms-Reiter

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Our Mission

At Strive Leadership Development, we specialize in coaching and developing managers and leaders.

Our goal is to help leaders feel more empowered at work, stress less, and (yes, finally!) have more fun again. 

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Impactful leadership starts with you…

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